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Max Wellness Pain Relief in Oshkosh is
Wisconsin's only provider of Calmare Scrambler Therapy

We provide drug-free, non-invasive pain management for chronic nerve pain and numbness using the latest technology with an aim to achieve complete remission of your symptoms!

Suffering from chronic pain, numbness, or tingling parasthesia?
Conditions like CRPS, trigeminal neuralgia, phantom limb pain, shingles, post-stroke pain, and neuropathy can destabilize your life. But traditional neuropathy treatment often can't quite touch these complicated neurological pain conditions.

At Max Wellness Pain Relief, we go beyond pain management. We offer Calmare Scrambler Therapy, a drug-free option that has helped many find complete remission from nerve pain, even when their pain doctors said nothing else could be done.

Ready to take control of your chronic pain? Explore our website to learn more about what makes nerve pain so severe, how Calmare Scrambler Therapy works, what to expect during your 2 weeks of treatments, and how to prepare for your initial evaluation and first treatment.

Let Max Wellness Pain Relief help you discover your path to a pain-free future today.

Announcement: Updated Pricing

Starting January 1, 2025 the price of Calmare Scrambler Therapy will increase from $250 per visit to $300 per visit. So be sure to reserve your spot before the end of the year before the rate increase takes effect.

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