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What to Expect with Calmare Scrambler Therapy for Chronic Nerve Pain

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Initial Consultation (90 Minutes):

  • Understanding Your Pain: We'll take the time to listen to your story and understand the full picture of your pain experience, including numbness, tingling, and any other symptoms you might be experiencing, like phantom limb pain in the case of amputations. This helps us personalize a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

  • Neuroscience of Pain: We'll explain the science behind chronic pain and how your brain processes pain signals.

  • Evaluation and Trial Session: We'll perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if Calmare Therapy is a suitable option for you. This includes a full 42-minute treatment session using the Calmare device.

  • Electrode Placement: Surface electrodes will be placed on the areas of greatest pain or numbness. The device can accommodate up to 10 electrodes to target multiple affected areas.

  • Pain Reduction Potential: While most patients experience some symptom reduction during the initial session, more complex or long-standing conditions (over 10 years) might require more sessions. A positive sign is feeling the electrical stimulation "pulling" towards your pain area.

Initial Treatment Plan (Variable Length):

The number of treatment sessions varies depending on your individual response. Here's a general guideline:

  • Standard Treatment Plan: Typically consists of 10 daily sessions on consecutive weekdays. Weekend appointments can be accommodated for patients travelling long distances.

  • Treatment Completion: Treatment concludes when you experience sustained pain or numbness relief for a full 24 hours. If relief persists for 48 hours, it suggests the "non-pain message" has taken hold and may last for at least 3 months before a potential maintenance visit.

  • Extended Treatment Considerations: Certain conditions or patients unable to discontinue anticonvulsant medications (under their doctor's supervision) 72 hours before starting treatment might require 15+ sessions for optimal relief. The list of interfering medications is located on the "First Treatment" tab for you to review and check your current prescriptions.

  • Pain Reduction and Monitoring: Throughout your treatment plan, we'll closely monitor your progress, including decreased pain severity and reduced affected area size. We'll adjust electrode placement for faster improvement and may also recommend exercises to enhance sensory integration and adjust to your "new normal" pain levels.

Maintenance Phase (1-2 visits every 3-12 months)

Following your initial treatment plan, your pain relief can typically last for 3-12 months. Most patients require maintenance visits to maintain their progress. However, some experience permanent relief and may not need further visits. With each subsequent maintenance visit, the intervals between visits often become longer as your brain strengthens its hold on the "non-pain message."

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